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~Lorelei Bell

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Vampire Book's Release

I've been waiting for a month to learn when my book would be out, and really nervously awaiting to see what the front cover would be.

The other day I got email from the publisher, and he gave me the link, and I clicked on it. Here it is. Now, tell me if you saw this in a bookstore you wouldn't pick it up at least and see what was held inside?

I know I would. I sat there and just stared at it. I quickly grabbed the picture so that I could post it far and wide and set it to my desk top.

December is the target date for release, but it might be sooner. They want to be in time for Christmas business ;-)

As soon as they have a proof, they will begin promotion through press releases, and have Vampire Ascending reviewed by a professional service, who will in turn publish their review on a number of websites, including

I had hoped sooner, but really, December is an excellent time to have a book signing. I had a number of people show up at my very first book signing in DeKalb, and sold 17 books that night--this is very good. But I had a lot of very nice friends actually show up for this.

The vampire book, I think, will out-sell my light fantasy. I know that every time I mentioned I was writing a vampire novel, eyes lit up. "Really?" came from their mouths. Some, now that the book is coming out, are wanting to know when it's available. I had several people at my facebook tell me the cover was cool, and I know many of them want a copy, and I hope to get 2 book signings. One at Borders, but another one somewhere else. Probably not Barns & Nobel across the street, but I hope at someplace else that is not a bookstore, just to give people another chance to buy. I'll have to order a dozen books for that.

I've decided that this book will have to be promoted better than my first one. My first one couldn't generate enough interest for people to buy. The vampire one should, and has already gotten people all over, wherever I'm embedded, excited about buying a copy.

And I'm sure excited about it too. After trying to find a publisher who would take it, having one place asking for money to "edit"--scam!--and an editor at Crescent Moon who would not tell me--for 3 months--whether she actually wanted to see the rest of the book--only wanted to know if I'd work hard, take direction, etc., I wound up with a POD. But this is the first one I didn't have to pay any fees to. (All of them ask for money, and some are scams). Copperhill's moto is "all for one and one for all", they don't make money, unless you do. I'd always thought that's exactly what a POD should be. They should take a vested interest in your work, not merely because you're paying them to get the book to print, but after, when you need them to help you promote it. All other POD's just give you the reins after and don't care if you sell anything or not. They've gotten their money. Why do they care?

I'll wait and see how good a job Copper Hill does with the promotions, but at they claim to get 20,000 visitors a month. I couldn't hope to get that in one year. And I've been encouraged to post there to get people coming to my page and see what I've written.

Lastly, Mr. Voss told me he was impressed by the good writing style in my book--the parts he did read. He said he felt "confident that we can create some good sales".

I do too. Vampire fiction is still hot.