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Hunger and the fear of failure . . . when you hit the wall, the only way left is up.

~Lorelei Bell

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lorelei's Muse: Decisions, Decisions . . .

Lorelei's Muse: Decisions, Decisions . . .: "I've had this blog for a while, and had a different title for it, now it's called Vampire Writer's Retreat. Above are two pictures I'm deb..."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lorelei's Muse: Interview at Reader Views

Lorelei's Muse: Interview at Reader Views: "As we have a rare February thunder storm come over us, I find that my interview with Reader Views is up. You may go here to see it. Looks p..."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Experiences for this Writer

Yesterday was a new experience for me as an up and coming author. I had been invited to speak in front of an audience in Borders. It was a group of "retired" sorority. They were every age, young--20's--to old--60's.

I did alright (see full story here Aside from nerves as I began, I eased into the role of speaker about myself, writing, and how I finally got my books published. I didn't take any notes. I can't follow my notes.

But what I wanted to address here is that many, many years ago, when I wished to be a published author--didn't think it would happen by the fact that I was getting rejected left and right--and now here I am, on the other side of that thought. It seems so unreal sometimes.

Certainly, I'd had to self-publish. I had to make some tough decisions as to what I wished to do about my being un-published. But I made them. I do not regret them. I realize that my book is not going to be on the bookstore shelves--especially now with Borders closing (my local Borders being the one and only place where you could find it) But it is at Amazon, and it is on Kindle too. I've got the best of both worlds, actually.

And I'm about to receive my first royalty check from this publisher--and the first one for this book. I know what the amount is. It will pay for a few things I've been needing for a while. Maybe I'll buy a few books, too. I don't know as yet, if I'll have enough left over for that. I doubt that my next check will be quite that good, but I'm hopeful.

I'm going to be featured on Reader Views. I've already seen their review of my book, Vampire Ascending it's up on Amazon right now. I'd just finished the interview questions I was given this past week, and I'll know when I'll be featured. Apparently they will also post to other sites. I'm hoping this will give my book more exposure.

Meanwhile I've been working on my second book in the Sabrina Strong Series. This next one is called Vampire's Trill. I've been working along in this book. Getting it ready. Hopefully I'll have it done some time in March.

When I get this second one out, I'll have another milestone. A second book in a series published.

Thing is, I can't actually figure out how I feel at this point. The things that have happened have been great. I just seem to be taking baby steps, up this winding staircase. I have no idea where it will take me, or if it simply ends at some dead end again. My first book Spell of the Black Unicorn didn't continue to sell. The publisher (Infinity) didn't help promote it, and I certainly didn't have any way of doing it myself. But Copperhill Media did not take $ from me to publish my book. We are in this together. If I don't make money, they don't make money. I like that idea, I think I'm lucky to have found them and for them to feel that I had a great book. Which I do. My reviews, and comments from readers alike all think the book is wonderful. Having people tell you they love your book and ask when the next one is out, is the best thing an author can hear. And the thing that makes it all seem real is the royalty check.

I know that once I have the check, and I can cash it and buy many things for my writing I've been needing, I'll feel like I've gotten over that fence I've been trying to hurtle for some time now.