Somehting to think about . . .

Hunger and the fear of failure . . . when you hit the wall, the only way left is up.

~Lorelei Bell

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May's Notations

This month is slipping by. I'm on last pass through of my second book Vampire's Trill, and have been very busy on this. I'm about mid-way, I think. So, I've been busy working on it this month to hopefully have it out at some point this summer for all you people who are reading or have read (or want to read), the first book Vampire Ascending, and need the second one.

I don't mean to be amazed at myself, or where I'm at, but I am. I guess I should be, though, considering how long it took me to get to this place with my writing. This blog was set up as my spot to give a look back at where I've come from.

Oh, the bird in the tree is called a Scarlet Tanager. It has a bright red-orange body, sooty black wings and tail and it has an oriole-type song. I've yet to see one this spring, but my husband has seen it. But he works in the park and so it figures he sees one of the more rarer visitors to our neck of the woods.

I'm also working--partially--on the third book. I've gotten about half way done first draft. I want to finish my second book so that I can work on it this summer. I know what I want to write, I've just have had so little time to work on it. There is a complicated climax scene that I have to figure out and until I get this second one sent off to my wonderful publisher, I'm not going to have time to work on it in a continuous way.

We are also having our kitchen renovated. It's in its last stages. But we are itching to move completely back into the room with the table, chairs, refrigerator, and get curtains up and so forth--get the men out of the house! My husband has been having his lunch outside these past weeks (he says this is #7 week), because of all the hoopla that's going on.

They are to replace a couple of doors, steps and a few other things as well. We just want the kitchen to be done this coming week. It would give a feel of accomplishment. This was something we asked the forest preserve to do several years ago. If I had not written a letter to the superintendent, I know this wouldn't have happened. Finally, I forced the issue and got the ball rolling. Going to the top doesn't hurt. Especially since we've been here--going on--our 17th year.

So, this is where I'm at for now.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's May!

Raining this morning, but I think it's lifting off for now. Spring flowers are in full blossom, and many of the birds are back. My husband has become quite the birdwatcher, and watches them from the kitchen window. I'm called once in a while to identify one. He usually knows, but has to have my expert eye.

Meanwhile I'm trying to get my second book finished, Vampire's Trill. A lot of thought and work has gone into this one. I have been going through it several times to make sure I have not repeated myself--which is hard to do with a fresh eye every time, but I think I've caught a number of repeated phrases. Its hard to do a series and not explain, briefly, some of the things that came in first book, because you want your readers to remember things from that first one. But I don't like to brow-beat, and I'm not going to start out explaining who Sabrina is. If you don't know who she is, then you'd better go get the first book and read it first. Right?

Spring semester is nearly done--thank goddess!--at NIU. And usually I don't mind the summer's slower pace, but I still have to drive. My husband wishes I could just be home and write (and take walks to trim down), and just be at home doing my thing. Says he has not given up hope that something might come through. He's quite the believer.

I am also lining up more appearances--of my first book Vampire Ascending. Anyone trekking over here from time to time might want to pay attention, and get on over to Lorelei's Muse because I am going to be on another blog this coming Monday, and will announce it both on Sunday as to where, and on Monday I will give the link to it at Muse.

If you are a Muse reader, you know I affectionately call those of you who come over there my "lurkers and stalkers", and I need you to continue to lurk and stalk because you are what makes my world rock. I also must tell you, since you are reading this at this blog, that I have been writing for over 30, and had always thought back when that it wouldn't be long before I'd be published. Little did I know it would take this long, and that it would be such a bumpy, unkind road. But I've finally made it. I did not give up. I wanted to a hundred times. I tried getting myself a publisher (first back when you could approach publishers), and then I tried agents. Whatever the reason, I wasn't their cup of tea.

But, I learned eventually, that you--the readers--are the ones I have to care about. Not "them". You are the ones who put down the $$ for books to read books, and you are the ones who have convinced me that, yes, I am good enough. My readers have spoken. Shelly's Novice Writings made a review on Vampire Ascending, and she did a great job. The only other place I would recommend to those of you unconvinced, other than the places I've been to to promote the book is the book's own website Here.

And I've been placing certain hints here and there at Muse as well as Copperhill Media's own website FrogenYozert, if you want to investigate some of the background I'm working on for the next book, which I hope to be done with soon so that I can sent it out and it might make a summer publication, if I work a little harder this week to finish. I hope. That's why I'm not blogging as much now, since all this really takes up my time. I can't visit other bloggers' as much as I'd like either.

Hope you all have a good weekend!